VALKAAMA with McBlaze's filmscore available
  After 10 month of production, McBlaze finished the filmscore for the open source filmproject Valkaama in December 2009. Third in line, his work is now available for free download at Clearbits as a torrent (ca. 1.03 GB). It was a great experience working on this project. And doing a filmscore is definitely something, McBlaze would like to do again in the future.  [2010.04]
  McBlaze worked on this project since February 2009. Finally the result was an electronic filmscore that could catch traditional needs but is actually addressed to people with a love for filmscores like "Blade Runner" or comparable.
What is special about the DVD is the fact that it will contain three different filmscores from different composers. You can choose the filmscore from the DVD-menu. There is more info about the project and the release of the DVD at Tim Baumann's Valkaama website. Valkaama was definitely one of the most interesting projects for McBlaze.

You can find some examples in the audio-player at the right -- listen and enjoy.

As the project is open source, you will be able to download McBlaze's filmscore, a re-mastered soundtrack and a special audiobook-version soon here at this site. So stay tuned ... [2009.12]
Finally it had to happen: the first official release of McBlaze. The track is called ASIAN TOUCH. The original mix is a pure trance track with a lot of energy and some asian elements. We're sure, you will recognize! For the chillout mix, McBlaze took away all the energy and made it a smooth, calm and relaxing version. The bonsai mix has the same power as the original mix but is shorter. At the moment you can listen to the tracks and even buy them at www.beatsdigital.com You can choose every single track or a bundle with all of them. It's your choice ...  [2009.05]
  McBlaze is working on an alternative filmscore for Valkaama for a short time now. Valkaama is a german Open Source filmproject, which you can find at Tim Baumann's Valkaama website. You can find single scenes from the film with the different filmscores at Valkaama's YouTube channel. Valkaama is one of the most interesting projects for McBlaze.  [2009.02]
Since summer 2008 McBlaze works with an awesome and very talented american female singer. Lori Cunningham has an outstanding voice that fascinated him from the very first moment.
Her debut album contains 13 tracks that range from downtempo and emotional to extremely danceable tracks. Each single track takes the listener for a ride into unknown worlds of Lori Cunningham.

You can buy the album straight from Lori's website. This pays her for two years full of privations.  [2008.12]

  Excerpts from Valkaama (01-15)
  Asian Touch (Original Re-Mix)
  Asian Touch (Chillout Mix)
  Asian Touch (Bonsai Mix)
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