At this site you can find some examples of my music. The music was created for different purposes. Some was standalone tracks, some was build in a greater context like a film or commercial. Just take a listen!
If you have some feedback or any question you can send it to me via email with the address you can find here.
- Ringtones
- - MP3 Ringtones
Depeche 100:00:0450 kBAnmerkung277
Krafty 100:00:0560 kBAnmerkung207
Moog 100:00:0231 kBAnmerkung213
Moog 200:00:0337 kBAnmerkung215
Moog 300:00:0345 kBAnmerkung223
Square 100:00:0560 kBAnmerkung191
Square 200:00:08105 kBAnmerkung193

Synthesizer Tracks
- Dance Pop
- - Dance 130 BPM
Spheromance00:04:386,5 MBAnmerkung245
Summerride00:03:324,9 MBAnmerkung172
- - Misc
Key Dub00:01:152,9 MBAnmerkung169
Raving 13000:00:421,0 MBAnmerkung173
Sonar00:01:534,3 MBAnmerkung167
- Synthy Pop
- - Softy
Sunday Tea00:03:535,3 MBAnmerkung233
- Trance
- - Bodywork
Bodywork 100:04:025,5 MBAnmerkung206
Bodywork 300:03:445,1 MBAnmerkung208
Bodywork 400:04:456,5 MBAnmerkung198
- - Dark Trance
Dark Slow Trance 1.000:01:251,9 MB 181
Dark Trance 1.000:01:333,6 MB 189
Progressive00:04:344,1 MB 187

- Commercials
- Film und Audiobook
- - Conventional Space
Eliza00:03:077,3 MBAnmerkung206
Escape00:03:468,9 MBAnmerkung182
Gathering Of The Wise00:01:092,8 MBAnmerkung184
Intro00:02:034,9 MBAnmerkung192
War Is Over00:02:476,5 MBAnmerkung196
- - Countdown
Countdown V100:01:090,8 MBAnmerkung230
Countdown V1.100:02:091,5 MBAnmerkung218
- - Dramatisches
Escape The Lab00:07:517,4 MBAnmerkung164
Fear00:01:162,9 MBAnmerkung180
Soundtrack V100:02:373,6 MBAnmerkung231
Talk To A Vampire00:01:091,6 MBAnmerkung193
- - Unacquainted Territory
Arrive00:05:195,0 MBAnmerkung166
- - USA 2006
Baltimore00:00:451,7 MBAnmerkung177
First Days00:03:187,6 MBAnmerkung176
Flight00:01:122,7 MBAnmerkung166
Menu (DVD)00:00:411,6 MBAnmerkung160
New York Maniac00:01:343,6 MBAnmerkung151
Nightlife00:03:177,6 MBAnmerkung178